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Only according to the rating agencies in the Russian Federation at the end of the June 2008, worked more than 170 leasing companies[i], more than 80 insurance companiesii and more than 1 000 operating commercial banksiii, which offer a number of financial instruments for both legal and natural persons. And in order to navigate this ocean of proposals to find the best solution and not stray from the course was set up this project – bureau of financial technology.
bureau of financial technology is universal financial broker (leasing broker), provides its clients with financial services service. To implement the new opportunities of our customers, we are cooperating with many commercial banks, leasing companies and insurance companies, most of which is in the top nor the only Russian but also European ratings.
We offer its clients the opportunity to:
  • choose credit, leasing and insurance product leading financial institutions of the Russian Federation, with best price and best suited to their needs among the thousands of offers on the market
  • quickly and easily assess the real possibilities of payments payments on loans, leasing and insurance premiums to calculate the value of the selected financial product
  • take advantage of the special conditions provided by the bureau of financial technology leasing companies and banks because of a fruitful partnership work
  • full maintenance leasing and credit transactions from application to obtain financing
The advantages of leasing broker bureau of financial technology:
  • You no longer have to waste time, to compare hundreds of proposals from leasing companies and banks to choose the correct
  • We will do everything for you
  • We quickly analyze and evaluate all proposals, including hundreds of banks, leasing companies and insurance companies to select the most beneficial and appropriate under the criteria of the Customer and transaction options
  • financial products with best price - quality
  • positive and operationally
Who is the "leasing broker”?
Leasing broker at the same time as a consultant recipient of the loan and its representative on the leasing company. The main objective of the leasing broker - to pick the most advantageous leasing under the desire and potential customers. Leasing broker helps customers find, to prepare documents and obtain leases.
What is the difference between leasing broker of the leasing company?
The leasing company - structure that provides the Customer a kind of pre-leasing obgovorennye conditions. Leasing broker - the representative of the Customer's leasing company. Leasing broker does not offer leasing, the leasing broker helps him get.
When it makes sense to turn to leasing broker?
To leasing broker is always advisable to apply! Namely:
  • when you want to get the best leasing proposal, which exists in the market at the moment;
  • when choosing a leasing company you want to compare all the best offers;
  • when you do not have enough time to analyze a large number of proposals from leasing companies;
Just leasing broker will pick up and get lease when you do not believe in the possibility of his receiving (you have a critical age for the company, a complex system of accountability in the enterprise, you private businessman, etc.).

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